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About us

Baskervilles is a small scale, artisan bakery based in Hambrook, West Sussex, providing slow fermentation breads, pastries and handmade cakes for specific local customers who share our ethos.

Using only Shipton Mill flours we have employed longer baking processes to further develop the flavour and properties available from such quality ingredients. The current range is purposefully narrow so as to concentrate our efforts on this. 

We enjoy the challenges of working with natural yeast, blending flour types and trying to marry an appreciation of traditional methods with modern expectations. Our levain has proved very successful during our first year; one of the recipes based around the three or four signature European bread methods we embrace. 

Work in progress should see our 100% sourdough unleashed early in 2013 once we are satisfied with it. 

In parallel we have begun to revive seasonal specialities along with selected European festival breads and cakes to complement the range.

And sincere apologies for our web presence having been in 'fermentation' stage for longer than we would have liked. It's somewhat representative of our baking; slow to develop and not to be rushed.  Anyone who bakes, both professionally or otherwise, will appreciate you are not, thankfully, blessed with too much time at the keyboard; certainly not in the early months. We will rectify this in 2013.........2012 was all about the bake and will continue to be so but we understand the importance of improving this over time.

Thank you to all our patient and supportive customers who have allowed us to begin supplying them in our first year while we become established. Similarly, to family, friends and a wealth of wider expertise that we have called upon on numerous occasion in our infancy; we are most grateful.

In our continued efforts to support the Real Bread Campaign, the merits of eating well and the satisfaction derived from time at the ovens through to enjoyment of the end product, we are truly excited at the prospect of the coming year.

Best wishes and thank you for visiting us.

Matt and Bekka

Unit 1 , Hambrook Business Centre
Cheesmans Lane
PO18 8XP

tel. 01243 539716
mob. 07979 445906

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